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    Clube Produtores do Continente (CPC)

    Promoting the best productive practices

    Promoting the best productive practices

    The Clube de Produtores Continente (CPC, Continente’s Producers Club) is a well-founded and long-established initiative by MC that has been delivering stellar performances since 1998, across several strategic areas. In pursuing its mission of supporting national producers and promoting the best production practices, CPC has significantly contributed to Sonae’s sustainability goals. The focus on local producers is a strategic dimension that allows for fresher products to be offered at MC stores while reducing the environmental impact of transportation and improving the well-being of local communities offering new businesses and economic opportunities. In addition, MC has been closely involved with each CPC member, providing them with training and opportunities to share experiences and find new partner-ships. This environment of sharing a common goal contributes to the organisational development, qualification of each partner and, ultimately, more resilience. In addition, MC promotes the benefits of a circular economy approach within the club, which aims at minimising the use and waste of resources. Finally, CPC promotes an offer of more sustainable and healthier products with a direct impact on promoting a healthier lifestyle to our clients.
    MC put forward its Sustainability Statement to be adopted by all CPC members, that has already been subscribed to by approximately 37% of the members. This is a commitment based on eleven principles, including topics such as nature and biodiversity conservation, promotion of regenerative agriculture, animal welfare and circularity, and a wide range of initiatives to promote sustainable production techniques and consumption habits.


     267 CPC members


    220 thousand hectares of production


    of the members subscribed the Sustainability Statement