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  • Valuing Biodiversity and Water

  • Managing with ESG criteria

  • Promoting Circularity

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    Ecospot for recycling notebooks

    Ecospot for recycling notebooks

    In partnership with Oxford, the notebook brand, MC distributed collection bins across its storenetwork where its clients could deposit their notebooks and paper to be recycled. For every tonne collected, 20 trees were planted in Sonae Forest. This initiative aimed to raise awareness of the recycling of school supplies while promoting the cultivation of trees and the fight against deforestation. The Cadernão initiative ran during the back-to-school period and, in such a short period, 12 tonnes of paper were collected to be recycled into a new life and, at the same time, 240 trees were planted, making our planet greener. This was an opportunity to also promote the Circular Economy. Sonae companies have been focusing on identifying initiatives that increase circularity not only in our operations but in society in general.