• CO₂ & climate change

  • Inclusive Development

  • community support

  • plastic

  • nature and biodiversity

  • The future
    is sustainable.

    Sonae’s commitment to sustainability is not a fad.
    It holds a long term promise inspired by a legacy built for people and the planet .


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    For positive people & a better planet

    Every day we are challenged to rethink the way we consume and develop business in such an unstable world. However, wherever there are challenges, there are new opportunities, and that is why we have set ambitious goals and we are implementing changes that contribute daily to a more sustainable future. Doing so with everyone’s talent, energy and commitment is undoubtedly the right way to make the planet and society better.

    (Our approach)

    Action Axes

    Carbon neutral website

    We will track the carbon footprint of the website and offset the emissions through the afforestation of burnt and uncultivated areas.

    website Carbon Footprint


    Ton CO2


    1 tree = 10 Ton CO2


    ipsum sit

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    carbon emissions generated

    0.00 Ton CO2

    For the Planet